Java Exception Notification

release: 0.1.1

Note: This project is no longer active. JEXN has been superceded by classes built into the Java 1.5 API onwards.

Project Description:

If you've ever written a Java application and had to deal with vague bug reports that require many precious hours to get to the bottom of, then the Java Exception Notification (JEXN) system could help. JEXN allows you to receive instant exception stack traces in your email if your software crashes on a user's machine.

JEXN is a simple, yet powerful java class that can be added to any Java 1.3 or later application. In the unfortunate event that the application crashes the virtual machine redirects the System.err stream to a small JSX (Java Serialisation to XML) powered server application. The server then forwards the exception stacktrace on to a user specified email address.

Future additions to JEXN will include:

  1. links to user specified web site containing patches.
  2. auto download and instalation of the patch
    (some security issues here)
  3. optional pop-up window to obtain user feedback
  4. the ability to send any exceptions thrown ie. not just those causing a crash.
  5. exception disk caching ie. if the user is not connected to the internet,
    cache any exceptions and mail on the user's next session.
author: Paul Sijpkes

acknowledgements: Brendan Macmillan for the inspiration to start this project, the many
ideas and the useful code.

Current Version: 0.1.1

Changes in 0.1.1:
  1. Added 'to' field email validation.
  2. Enabled user specification of email 'subject' and 'from' fields and the name of the application JEXN monitors.
Future releases will be anounced on

Send bug reports and ideas to

For a demonstration on how to use JEXN go to JEXN-HOWTO.txt.

Download JAR (includes JSX and source files): jexn0.1.1.jar (87 KB)

Download ZIP (includes JSX and source files): (86 KB)